Shift Happens through Executive Coaching

S1 E0 | Shift Happens Through Executive Coaching | Intro

By DDS & guests | 03/29/2021

Welcome to a new series in which DDS, the Founder of Soul Trained, gets up close a personal with a number of global leaders talking about the shifts they’ve made through executive coaching.

S1 E1 | Shift Happens | A Partnership

By DDS & guests | 04/16/2021

Kicking off series 1 of Shift Happens, DDS spends time with Llibert Argerich who is SVP of Marketing at Udemy.

S1 E2 | Shift Happens | Humility in Leadership

By DDS & guests | 04/16/2021

In the second episode of this series of Shift Happens vlog our Founder, DDS, speaks with Cathy Carl who is a director at Facebook Financial.

S1 E3 | Shift Happens | Never a Finished Product

By DDS & guests | 04/17/2021

In the 3rd episode of this series we speak with Dave Marsey who is President and Global Client Partner for the Google account at WPP’s Essence.

S1 E4 | Shift Happens | Leading Through Self Awareness

By DDS & guests | 04/17/2021

In the 4th and final episode of this series of Shift Happens DDS chats with Sarah Walker who is Chief Business Strategy Officer as WPP’s Essence.