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it can be tough at the top

We’ve sat around the same tables as you, we've been in the same meetings as you, we've had to make the same tough calls as you.

We have first hand experience of the pressure you’re under and we know what it takes to succeed under that pressure.


INFLECTION COACHING is for you if you're stepping into a new role, have been promoted, or if you feel dragged down by recent organizational changes. You're in the eye of the storm of change and you want to successfully navigate a way through it.

During INFLECTION COACHING, we'll explore your situation, understand your natural talents and gifts, and decipher what's getting in the way of you bringing them to the fore right now. We'll use a range of tools, models, and approaches in order to enable and empower you to step-up, step-in, and succeed.

As a result of INFLECTION COACHING you will have made shifts in thinking, feeling, and behaving so that you feel focussed and able to take on bigger and different challenges.


DEPTH COACHING is for you if you're wrestling with a personal challenge around feedback that is following you around and holding you back. It's possible that you're seeing repeated patterns of behavior that are getting in your own way, or in the way of others. You want to change, but you're not sure how to.

During DEPTH COACHING, we will use a range of tools to uncover the beliefs and values that are driving your behaviors, and we will encode new ways of leading. 

As a result of DEPTH COACHING you will have unearthed the root causes to the challenges you faced and you will have made deep and lasting changes to the way you show-up as a leader. 


COHESION COACHING is for a team that has a metaphoric hill in front of them - a hill that needs to be climbed together. This bespoke experience is designed to help a group of people move through the natural stages of team development in an effective, concise, and coherent manner and get to results more quickly.


Perhaps you're ready to strap a rocket pack to your back and jet off. In which case our COACHING BOOTCAMP might be just the thing you need.

Instead of our 1:1 6-month INFLECTION or DEPTH COACHING process, the BOOTCAMP is 3 months long. Across those 3 months we'll spend three half-days together with follow-up calls before, during, and after in order to seek out what it is that you want to achieve and create the necessary shifts to get your there.

It's targeted. It's specific. It's effective.



How it works

At SOUL TRAINED we appreciate the importance of a great beginning, a meaningful middle, and an integrated ending. That's why we've codified our coaching into three high-impact phases:

  • 1

    SEEK is our opportunity to get aligned on where you are, where you want to head, and what you want to achieve through coaching.

    We'll do this through a range of lenses which often [but not always] includes conversations with stakeholders and/or the gathering of 360 feedback using SOUL TRAINED'S narrative discovery approach. 

    SEEK is crucial to a great beginning; this phase lets us know where we heading, why we're heading in that direction, and how we want to get there.

  • 2

    SHIFT is when you and your coach do the work in moving you from A to B to Z.

    This meaningful middle phase stage is the catalyst for your transformation and growth. You will work with your coach for a minimum of 6 months. During this time you will meet every other week [and sometimes more often than that, depending on your needs]. You’ll also have regular, and uncapped, access to your coach via phone, text, and email. One of the many benefits of working with a SOUL TRAINED coach is this high-touch, individualized, collaborative approach.

    You and your coach will be equally committed to getting you what you want. You will both show-up, in all senses of the phrase. During your SHIFT, expect to be challenged. Expect to be supported. Expect to put in the work. Expect to achieve results.

  • 3

    SUCCEED lets us know how far you've come.

    The key aim of this phase is to contrast and compare where you are with where you said you want to be and we understand if, how, and why there is a delta.

    We also take time to ensure all your learning, insights, and shifts are fully integrated. The SUCCEED phase makes sure your changes fully transfer into your day-to-day leadership impact.

    It is rare that our clients wish to stop working with us after their first SEEK-SHIFT-SUCCEED. If you decide to continue we will roll through the same 3 phases again, ensuring your growth is mapped, tracked, and purposeful.