Meet the Team




Hello. I'm Sean.

You are resourceful, capable, creative and whole.

This simple philosophy underpins my practice as a coach. My intention is not to ‘fix’ you [that would imply you are broken in the first place]. My goal is to work in partnership with you to help you shine.

I have been privileged to share coaching journeys with many clients from diverse cultures and organizational sectors including individual technical specialists, newly promoted managers right through to C-Suite executives.

I started my career in the theater having trained with the National Youth Theater of UK and Bretton Hall. In addition to the craft of performance I quickly learned the skill of connecting either with a character or an audience. This skill is something I have always held dear and cherished as I have transitioned to the world of personal and organizational development. Building relationships and connecting to others is central [I believe] to personal and professional satisfaction, growth, and fulfilment.

My career in personal and organisational development has taken me to many sectors including finance, retail and media. In 2021 I set up my own business focussing on what I love most - helping people and organizations SHINE.

I am a PCC qualified coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Chartered Member of the CIPD in the UK in addition to holding a MA in Human Resources. I hold numerous psychometric qualifications including MBTI, Strength Deployment Inventory [SDI] and the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory [EQi]. I am currently studying to be a Certified Transactional Analyst in the Organizational field with the Connexus Institute in the UK.

I live in London with my husband Rob. I still have a passion for theater which I share with Rob and feel very lucky that the West End is on our doorstep.