Meet the Team



Hello. I'm Angus.

I help leaders who are serious about learning, step in and explore themselves and their performance, to live with purpose, kindness and joy.

I have always had a thirst for knowledge which became unquenchable through my professional career, especially in understanding people and how we work. I invest a lot in others and simply love helping bring out their best.

I am profoundly grateful to have life, to lead this life and help others shape theirs for the better. Those I have worked with would say that I have an enormous heart with limitless energy, am utterly trustworthy and respectful, ask endless questions, and love to have fun.

I commit to those who want to bring their authenticity, refine themselves in some way, and act on their insights. Let us not do ordinary, work that bores you or just go with the flow! Life is too precious - we each have gifts so shouldn't we use them?

It took me decades of learning to finally choose to make a difference and leave a lasting positive legacy in another way. It was when I connected the defining moments in my career as a leader, and seen those reflected in others, that leaving the corporate world was that way and, in September 2020 I set up my own consultancy - Angus Jenkins Leadership Practice. I’m driven to put the heart back into leadership, culture and transformation. Working with me you get all my expertise, experience, and enthusiasm.

I got my experience from working 25 years in people-centric roles clocking up seven companies, from large global multinationals to small digital disruptors - Mobil [oil], Tesco [retail], Eurostar [travel/transportation], BT [communications], Wonga [financial services], Rackspace [cloud computing services], and Fonterra [dairy]. In each role and in each sector, I furthered my experiences through each industry and context, challenged the norms in human resources and pushed myself to answer the question, “So what?”.

As for my off-the-scale enthusiasm? Quoting a colleague when I left Mobil, “One thing we were disappointed about with our time with Angus is that we never figured out how to bottle his energy and enthusiasm for life. If we did, we would have become billionaires!”

My expertise and credentials include being certified as a coach by the Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring, licensed to administer a bunch of psychometric tools [including MBTI, FIRO-B and Belbin] and have been working in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] since 2007. I certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP under the tutelage of DDS, founder of Soul Trained.

I am a native Kiwi who returned to New Zealand almost five years ago after 16 years in London. My home overlooks Auckland’s Viaduct where I live with my gorgeous French Bulldog [named Orlagh Madonna Anastacia Beaverhausen] and I value my downtime often relaxing at home, connecting with friends, and indulging in fine NZ wine.