Are you steady, strong, and spirited?

By DDS | 07/14/2021

We have talked about the importance of relevance when creating intentionally brave spaces. Next up is the value of nerve. Click here to read full blog on

“Just keep swimming.”​ Dory.

By DDS | 07/14/2021

We talked recently about leaders who use the value of nerve to welcome problems and tackle the inevitable bumps in the road head-on. Today we would like to share our top tips on tenacity which underpins the value of nerve. Click here to read full blog on

Invest in kindness, the ROI is incredible

By DDS | 07/14/2021

We hope you’re enjoying our top tips for creating intentionally brave spaces. So far we have talked about relevance, nerve, and tenacity [done the ‘Soul Trained Way’], and next we’re going to talk about kindness and alchemy. Click here to read full blog on

It’s a kind of magic. Or is it?

By DDS | 07/14/2021

Having already shared our thoughts on how leaders can bring Soul Trained’s values of relevance, nerve, tenacity, and kindness to life, here we talk about our 5th — and arguably most magical — value, alchemy. Click here to read full blog on

The most important tool in your management kit bag.

By DDS | 07/23/2021

At Soul Trained we believe in the concept of ‘supporting lines’ over ‘reporting lines’. We also believe that the #1 job of a manager is to create the conditions for their people to be successful; that it is the manager’s role to make their team look good, not the other way around.  Click here to read full blog on

How to increase your resilience

By DDS | 09/16/2021

Resilience, or bounce-back-ability as we like to call it at Soul Trained, is a necessary component of the sur-thrival kit of any leader, not only because all-that-we-knew-to-be-normal-at-work has been turned upside down and on it’s head but also because it works hand in hand with the value of tenacity, which we wrote about here. Click here to read full blog on