Leadership is a Behavior Not a Title

By DDS | 04/20/2021

There are literally thousands of books, a multitude of TED Talks, and an ocean of training programs offering a blue print for the right away to lead. The only possible conclusion you can draw from the diversity of advice is that no one really knows and that there is no magic potion. In the words of a client of mine, “DDS, we’re all just basically winging it.” Quite. Click here to read full blog on […]

Change Management Rebranded

By DDS | 04/21/2021

When people say they love change I don’t believe them. Well, actually, I believe them with some skepticism because I think they’re talking about specific types of change, that is change they instigate. Change that we initiate, that we are in control of, and that we can manage is the kind of change that many people love, but change that is done-to us, that we have little-to-no say over, that we are not in control […]

The Need to Belong

By DDS | 04/21/2021

Somewhere between Peter Drucker’s famous notion that, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, Netflix’s culture deck, and the rise of staff canteens so good that the public wants to pay to eat at them, culture has become a hot commodity in the war for talent. The way I see it, there have been several waves in the commoditization of culture. Click here to read full blog on

Re-Emerging, Re-Entering, and Re-Discovering

By DDS | 04/21/2021

I don’t know about you, but I am seeing a sharp increase in the number of people getting their COVID shot, more and more pictures of people gathering in pub gardens in the UK, and an uptick in the number of social posts expressing hopes and desires about a future that seemed to be impossible to imagine just a few short months ago. Click here to read full blog on

Are you creating the conditions for your people to succeed?

By DDS | 07/14/2021

2020 was a year like no other, at least in most peoples’ living memory. We all deserve a break from chronic pain the year brought. Some more so than others. Period. Click here to read full blog on

Are you keeping it real?

By DDS | 07/14/2021

At Soul Trained we believe leadership is a behavior not a title. We also believe that leadership has nothing to do with your pay grade and everything to do with the extent to which, when you look around, you have followers. Click here to read full blog on