Soul Trained has 25+ years experience of helping companies around the world to articulate their workplace cultures and bring them to life in meaningful and tangible ways for their teams.

Along the way we discovered 'brandculture'. Brandculture is what sits at the heart of all successful organizations. It’s two sides of the same coin and involves the following:

CULTURAL FABRIC: to create and grow a successful brandculture you need to develop a framework and infrastructure - what Soul Trained calls a cultural fabric.

Cultural fabric is a term we use to describe the articulation of the aspects of corporate life that aren't the culture but that drive the culture [like the mission, vision, values, and behaviors] and which are a representation of your company’s brand.

PEOPLE PROPOSITION: once your cultural fabric has been created it becomes the platform from which you articulate your people proposition. Your people proposition is the promise you make to your people about how the brand comes to life for them in the day-to-day experience of working at your company.

Your people proposition is then used to feed the development of organizational policy, process, and programming so that the brandculture is manifest in real and meaningful ways at each employee touchpoint.

When your brand and your culture are intrinsically connected in these ways it’s like rocket fuel for your business. Your people are more engaged, your customers are happier, and your profits higher.

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